Back in June 2008 I was contacted by a friend who told me about a new cash back shopping program where I could save money on the same products that I always use from the same merchants that I always frequent.  The only catch, if you will, was that I had to purchase these products online through their online shopping portal.  He told me that it was totally free to join and that I would receive Cash Back on all of my purchases made through the program.

I remember thinking to myself; if it’s free to join and I’m really going to save money, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  That simple logic and the decision to give the program a try has been paying dividends ever since even though I am no longer associated with that particular program.

What had happened was that a seed was planted.  I had learned that this concept was a great idea but it was new and needed to be tweaked.

Since that time I have been diligently searching for new concepts based on that original idea.  That is to say that I was not looking for someone to re-invent the wheel,  I was just searching for a better tire.  Over the years many cash back shopping programs have come into the marketplace.  The problem is that they all have, within their business model, one or more limitations which prohibit the member from fully leveraging his or her purchasing power.

For the past 4 years I have been closely observing a company and a program which seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.  A company with vision that could take this cash back shopping concept to the next level and a program without the limitations that are found within the other more traditional programs of its like and kind.

What are some of these limitations?

  • They cost money to join.
  • They have membership fees.
  • They have purchasing quotas.
  • They have transaction fees.
  • They require purchases from specialty shops.
  • They Limit the member to receiving cash back benefits from online shopping only.

When you think about it these limitations simply don’t make sense.  The whole idea behind the concept of cash back shopping is that the member is supposed to save money.  Further more, although shopping online has some advantages and has gained acceptance over the years, there are still many people who enjoy shopping in the real world as opposed to the virtual online shopping experience.

What makes these programs desirable is that the consumer doesn’t have to change their shopping habits.  They just save extra money on purchasing the products that they always buy from the merchants that they have grown to trust.  If one has to pay to join, or pay membership fees, or purchase specialty products that they don’t normally buy, how exactly do they save money?  And how do these programs benefit those who normally shop in brick and mortar stores?

They Don’t!

What is the Solution?

The whole idea behind Lyoness® is simple.

  • The larger the shopping community the more leveraged purchasing power they have and the greater the discounts merchants would be willing to give to it’s members would be!
  • The more ways you can offer the consumer to save on their shopping the better.
  • Permitting people to earn cash back when they shop in brick and mortar shops as well as online.

Now if you remember I mentioned earlier that I had been watching this company for 4 years.  The reason that I had been watching and not participating in the program is because this is an international company and was not available in America until some two years ago.   For some 10 years Lyoness® has been fine tuning it’s business model and growing it’s membership. This company now boasts over 2.4 million members worldwide and over 24,000 merchants within it’s community making it The Largest Shopping Community in The World today!


What had originally attracted me to this company and this program was the originality of their business model.  That is to say that they offered specific things through their program which the others did not.

Not the least of which was their vision and their integrity.

You see this company has achieved great success over the past 10 years and has been willing to share their prosperity with others.  You too, by joining our community, and with no effort on your part, can also help others around the world to improve the quality of their lives!




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If you are honestly searching for a way to save money on the shopping that you already do and would like to help to improve the lives of others in the process this program is definitely something that will be of interest to you.

And if you are concerned about this being just another fly by night company,
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