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Since the passing of the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) millions of people have lost their drug prescription benefits and are paying full price for their needed medications, out of pocket.

If you or someone you know is paying for their prescribed medical needs out of pocket this FREE prescription discount card might be for you!


Our Mission

In this down economy people are seeking ways to save money wherever they can.  We at are dedicated to offering consumers alternative ways to purchase the goods and services that they are already buying while reaping the added benefit of keeping more of their hard earned money in their pockets.

It’s Just That Simple!

Cashback Living is not about being cheap it’s about shopping smart.  It’s about purchasing products and services that you are already spending your money on and saving, even earning money on that same purchase.

The Programs We Offer Are:

  • FREE to Join
  • FREE of Obligations
  • FREE of Monthly Membership Fees
  • FREE of Risk

Listed on the navigation bar at the top of this page you will find 4 programs that are sure to save you money on products that you are already consuming:

Cashback Shopping is a shopping portal where you can save money on the products you are already buying from the merchants you are presently shopping both online and offline.

Free Prescription Discount Card saves you as much as 80% on your prescription drug and other medical devices.  This program is totally free to join and requires no registration.

Lower Your Power Bills - save money on your electric and natural gas bills.

WIreless Deals - get the best prices on new cell phones and plans.

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